Site of the CAMEL Perl Programmers Group of Maryland, USA.
Affiliated with the worldwide Perl Mongers (
Columbia, Annapolis, Meade, Elkridge, and Laurel
as well as the surrounding areas.
Technical: Periodic - at the West County Library in Odenton.
Social: Following the technical meetings, an informal social gathering may be held nearby the West County Library (varies.)
06-13-2013 - We have not had interest in a meeting in some time, and now that the summer is upon us it will be difficult to pull people together. If you have a special interest in a summer meeting, email me.
10-30-2007 - MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT: A CAMEL Perl meeting has been scheduled for January 9, 2008 (Wednesday) from 7-8pm at the West County Library in Odenton. Doug White will be discussing using Perl for Digital Forensics, building on a talk he gave a few years back on the same topic (ref:
10-16-2007 - MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT: We have a meeting scheduled for November 13, 2007 (Tuesday) from 7-8pm at the West County Library in Odenton. Joshua Gatcomb (limbic region) will be the presenter. His topic of choice is, "Higher Order Functions With An Introduction Into Iterators." Another meeting is presently being planned for an evening in January. Check back here, or keep a look out on the YahooGroup for further details.
08/23/2006 - I have an announcement over to both Baltimore PM group and the DC area group. We need to get some more members before we organize a meeting.
07/07/2006 - I decided to use YahooGroups rather than host a mailman instance. The link to join is at the right.
07/04/2006 - I am presently working on getting this site up and running, a mailing list setup and arrangements for a technical/social meeting for July.
Higher Order Functions with an Introduction to Iterators.
PowerPoint Slides from Joshua Gatcomb's presentation on Nov. 13, 2007.
Wesley Craft (wesley.craft AT gmail dot com)
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